We recognize that nonprofit organizations often operate on a tight budget, and unexpected expenses can lead to financial ruin, putting at risk the cause that they’ve set out to help. With over one hundred years of experience, we at Kinney Pike understand the need for organizations with a cause. We also recognize the need to support our community.

At Kinney Pike, we pride ourselves on taking the time with our clients, helping them consider insurance risks, and placing them with the right insurance company for their specific needs, within their budget.

As a community-driven organization, Kinney Pike often gives back to nonprofit clients and other community organizations by partnering at community events in and around Vermont, featuring their story in our e-newsletters, and through social media.  The results include donations to our partnering organization, big smiles and a rewarding experience as we give back to the community.

Recognizing the need for stability, we offer specialty programs for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations through Non Profits Insurance Alliance Group.  Upon qualifying, nonprofit insurance clients enjoy stable, reasonably-priced insurance coverage, practical risk management tools, training and educational seminars and webinars.

Our goal is to provide stability to our insurance clients from nonprofits so they can do what they do best — serve our neighbors  in need of support.

Nonprofit Specialists

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